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How DABRA Laser System Treats PAD

Ra Medical Systems' President Jeffrey Kraws on CHEDDAR TV

 CHEDDAR TV describes the medical device market as a $155 Billion opportunity this year, and Ra Medical Systems is poised to capitalize on it with its DABRA Laser System. Ra Medical Systems' President Jeffrey Kraws explains how the device, which is currently FDA cleared to treat the toughest blockages in the lower extremities, unclogs arteries using an excimer laser. He also talks about the long journey of bringing a medical device to market, including the FDA clearance process.

He says the most complicated part is always,

"...demonstrating the safety in every known possible situation you can in order to satisfy the FDA that the product is safe for all patients' use."

Ra Medical Systems' FDA study results demonstrated a 95% success rate with no adverse events.

Watch the interview on CHEDDAR TV to learn more about how this compares to Ra Medical Systems' leading competitor in the market:

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