First Commercial Use of Ra Medical System's DABRA Takes Place in USA

Ra Medical Systems began doing in-patient cases using the DABRA Laser System in 2012. It received CE Mark in 2016, with cases being performed since in countries such as Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. The FDA issued clearance for its commercial use in the USA in 2017. The first commercial case in the USA was at California Heart & Vascular Clinic in June 2017 with Dr. Athar Ansari, who also participated in the study, and has since performed more than 130 cases as of June 2018. The first commercial case in the USA independent of the clinical trials was at Heart Endovascular & Rhythm in Texas by Dr. Charles Bailey, who says,

"There are very few devices that are available today that are effective for opening chronic total occlusions (CTOs). If you cannot get those vessels open, the only alternative is surgical, and unfortunately with surgical procedures, it runs the risk of infection."

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